The Investor Readiness Program is a 10-week program at the end of which you will have all the tools to be attractive from an investor's perspective and to obtain the necessary funds to accelerate your startup.

At the end of each IRP there is an Investor Day where YES!Funded helps you find the right investor within our 200+ investors network.

Investor Readiness Program (IRP)

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Program: 10 weeks of masterclasses, workshops and coaching sessions about investments, funding and finance to support you building a strong investment case to introduce your company during our Investor day at the end of the program

For whom: early-stage startups which have at least validated their problem solution fit (Investor Readiness Level 3)

Deliverables: Funding plan, financial statements, investor material (pitch deck, one pager, pitch), connection with numerous investors

Deadline: March 2021
Start Program: Spring 2021

More info?

Download the program guide in order to learn more about our Investor Readiness Program and learn about the process on how to get your startup Investor Ready.


The aim of the Investor Readiness Program is to give you all the knowledge and tools to get you funded within 2 years from the start of the program.

Selection Criteria

The program is for startups with an ambitious team and with true commitment to the company and the program; your next step should be to validate your product-market fit and business model.

Program Structure

This is a 10-week program, with eight full days divided into three modules: Get Started, Get Ready, Get Funded. Each of the three modules contains masterclasses and trainings with our trainers and partners, one-on-one coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and expert sessions.

Application Process

After submitting your online application, startups that meet the basic criteria will be invited for a first round of interviews. The final decision is made by an external selection committee based on your pitch.

Program partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs involved?

Costs: 500EUR (commitment fee) + 2% success fee after you received investments

I am a single founder, can I join the program?

No. Within YES!Delft we are strict on having companies with at least two co-founders. An ambitious team is one of the main criteria for the IRP, and we believe setting up and running a company needs an incredible set of complementary skills ideally found in at least two founders.
Warning! Not everyone is accepted into our Startup plan.

Does YES!Funded invest any startup at the end of the program?

No, YES!Funded itself does not invest in startups and, similarly to YES!Delft, we don’t take equity. We have a large network of investors to whom we will introduce you in a customized way during The Investor Day on the last day of the program, and also anytime you need for two years after completing the program.