Match with Investor-Ready startups

Are you an investor looking for investment opportunities in tech startups? Join the Investor Day and meet 6 startups from the Investor Readiness Program by YES!Funded.

Thursday 3 December 2020 - 14.30
ONLINE - Zoom Call

Investor Day IRP

The IRP Investor day is the end event of the Investor Readiness Program by YES!Funded. The 6 startups from the program will take the stage and pitch for an audience of investors from the YES!Delft network. This event marks the end of the 10 weeks IRP, but not the end of the startups’ journey with YES!Funded, as we will keep supporting them to find the best investors and the right deal.

The Investor Readiness Program

The Investor Readiness Program is a 10-week program at the end of which startups have all the tools to be attractive from an investor's perspective and to obtain the necessary funds to accelerate their startups. At the end of each IRP there is an Investor Day where YES!Funded helps startups finding the right investor by connecting them with our 200+ investors network.For this program, YES!Funded has proudly partnered with PWC, ABN Amro, Benedict Peax, Arnold & Siedsma, and many more.

Our Startups

The 6 startups in the IRP are all innovative companies with different technologies and from different industries. Startups went through a hard selection process to enter the Investor Readiness Program; they have been accepted in the program for their ambitious team and true commitment to raise capital and bring their prototypes to the market. 


Automating Insect Control for Horticulture with Bat-like Drones



The Textile Coach is a smart undershirt that provides accurate body monitoring and gives actionable advice."



Inexpensive wireless data fuels the next wave of innovation. An explosion in affordable hardware makes gathering data possible in ways it wasn’t before. Communicating data wirelessly remains costly and painful. We change that. Becoming the world’s mobile network operator for smart devices.



The purpose of the media has always been to hold governments and organisations accountable. But who holds the media accountable? We believe it should be you. Especially now! That is why we are developing Mavin. Mavin will be an ecosystem of crowd-sourced, reputation-based, rating and commenting tools to enable internet users to instantly recognise the trustworthiness of content they read, share or engage in. This will help to restore online trust, fight misinformation, bad bots and trolls while offering publishers additional engagement, traffic and revenue.



Embedding quality control intuitively into your projects' digital workflow



Asset intensive industries struggle to inspect, maintain and repair their assets in a coordinated and timely way.Their business-as-usual collaboration solutions (e.g. E-mail, Microsoft Excel, Power BI) are reactive, highly dependent on human input or lack data context.This leads to avoidable production losses, asset downtime or quality issues.Our software product is a collaborative environment to organize, track and manage asset related actions, turbo charged by data.


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