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How to become investor ready [blog post]

Raising funding may be one of the most important steps in your company's future. While getting funded may sound intimidating, it doesn't have to be if you take the right steps to prepare.

Delft Circuits and YES!Funded: matching the right startup with the right investor

Collaboration is a key ingredient in every existing startup-advisor relationship. Especially in their early days, startups need specialized advice and support in order to steer their business in the right direction. This is exactly the case with Delft Circuits, a young innovative company providing quantum hardware solutions, and YES!Funded, a service launched by YES!Delft to support startups with their funding needs.

YES!Funded announces its new director

Following the need from startups for support in their funding journey, we launched YES!Funded a year ago. YES!Funded is a three-pillar proposition service, where we help startups become investor-ready, introduce them to relevant investors and, if desired, we also provide support with actual funding rounds, both in the form of deal-making and grant writing. Our service is unique because we provide support to startups in every stage of their funding lifecycle and we can act based on the specific needs of each startup.

YES!Delft launches YES!Funded

Startups need substantial funding to develop their products, as it happens to all highly innovative companies. However, the ‘funding journey’ may be arduous and startups are not always able to complete it successfully. This is why at YES!Delft we have just launched a new service called YES!Funded, which has a unique flavor among all those offered by incubators all over our country. ‍